Topic Schedule

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Research Themes

All of the research articles we read and discuss fall into one of these six themes:


Child Development

A look into the physiological, psychological, and emotional changes children face as they grow and the ways adults can support and nurture them. Topics include brain development, social-emotional learning, and developmentally appropriate practices.


Community Engagement

How do our community members inform our libraries? We’ll look into community-led practices and engagement strategies to investigate what works and how we can improve our own outreach efforts.



How are we providing equal access to all? These articles will look into issues of diversity, multiculturalism, accessibility, and serving groups who have been marginalized or unrepresented.


Library as Place

This theme focuses on our physical spaces. We’ll discuss things like play-based design and early literacy spaces and how to make the library a welcoming space for children and their families.


Policy and Practice

Topics related to management, assessment and evaluation, advocacy, and written policy. What are the policies that guide our practice and how do we communicate our value?



Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. What ways are libraries incorporating these subjects into their programs and services? We’ll look into how we’re adapting to an ever-evolving STEAM landscape.